• Vpon’s CEO sharing with students at National Taiwan University

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Vpon’s CEO sharing with students at National Taiwan University

Apr 2, 2019 – Taipei, Taiwan

Victor Wu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vpon, shared his entrepreneurial experience on starting and running a big data company since 2008 with highly enthusiastic undergraduates interested in embarking on their journey in the digital industry which was held at the National Taiwan University.

Victor pointed out that entrepreneurs don’t need a specific expertise to succeed but the first thing to look for is problem solving. “Entrepreneurial Spirit” is one of the core components that Victor encourages the team in Vpon to experience through trial and error in order to nurture entrepreneurship. Great entrepreneurs count for nothing if they aren’t a risk taker and a winning character.

At Vpon, talents are definitely the company’s greatest asset. We are always committed to look for the bold soul who despite the threat of failure but prefer greater steps inside to pursue greatness. Every year, we organize a two-month Vorch summer internship programme as part of our wider initiatives in nurturing youth and developing talent and we welcome young individual talents to join us.