• Vpon JAPAN utilizes “Tourism DMP Light” to boost domestic and overseas tourism in Japan

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Vpon JAPAN utilizes “Tourism DMP Light” to boost domestic and overseas tourism in Japan

November 5, 2020 – Japan

Through Vpon JAPAN’s  “Tourism DMP Light”, local tourism associations, local governments, and companies can collect and visualize the 1st party data and campaign data. Therefore, those organization can leverage the visualization in data-driven decision-making process and in PDCA, a four-step management method for continuous improvement, resulting in a digital transformation of the business.


・ Background

The ‘new normal’ is coming; the needs and behaviors of society have changed dramatically than ever before. Within this transformation, the tourism industry urgently needs to digitalize itself in order to respond to changes in traveler needs and customer attraction targets, as well as changes in the interests of individuals themselves.

However, in the process of digital transformation, the organization faces many challenges such as the shortage of digital talent, the difficulty to establish a new mechanism, the transformation from feelings driven decision into digit driven decision, and how to introduce the new system into the process of PDCA. Vpon has been providing visualization dashboards to local communities and companies and accumulating know-how through various projects with advanced strategy. Besides, Vpon provides consultation for Tourism DMP Light and tourism know-how as well as helps clients to introduce digit driven decision in practical phase.

Tourism DMP Light is also possible to support the promotion of DX (Digital Transformation) in each tourism region by providing a combination of the knowledge of data utilization refined in the actual operation.


・ What can be done in Tourism DMP Light

It enables us to visualize the elements required for planning tourism promotion and to inspect the effectiveness of measures, thereby facilitating the smooth run of PDCA. You can choose from the following dashboards as required:

Figure 1: Tourism DMP Light’s function options on the dashboard

Figure 2:  website analysis 

Figure 3: tourists’ footprint attribution in Japan

Figure 4: questionnaire visualization

Figure 5: municipality comprehensive ranking