• Vpon Big Data Group Launches US$10 million Debut Fund – Vpon Ventures Aims to Invest and Boost Asia’s Big Data Ecosystem

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Vpon Big Data Group Launches US$10 million Debut Fund – Vpon Ventures Aims to Invest and Boost Asia’s Big Data Ecosystem

October 8, 2020 – Taipei

Vpon Big Data Group (“Vpon”), the Asian leading big data company, gladly announces today the official launch of its strategic investment arm. Called Vpon Ventures, the initial capital of this evergreen fund is 10 million US dollars. Vpon Venture’s investment will concentrate on big data, A.I. and new economy-related industries in Asia, covering companies and startups in Japan and Hong Kong.


Victor Wu, CEO of Vpon said, “Vpon Ventures will focus on strategic investment. In addition to holding long shares and actively participating in corporate governance, we will also have strategic cooperation with those invested companies. Since Vpon understands that the data industry is closely linked, and hopes to strengthen the connections within the region, whilst providing capital, technology and business network resources for potential companies and start-ups. Besides, Vpon will forge the Longitudinal Alliance to seek cooperation opportunities with our existing clients and partners, such as international brands and the advertising industry. And we would also deepen our business development by collaborating with different sectors, including Digital Health, Insurance & Finance, IoT, and many more, as setting up the Horizontal Alliance. Our first investment shall be announced likely later this year, stay tuned!”

Vpon Business Advisor, Former NDC Minister, Ms. Chen Mei-ling agreed, “it is no doubt that the data industry is the next stress of global strategic economy development. As a leader in Asia’s data industry, Vpon believes to assist the growth and expand the competitive edge, and to foster new ventures to obtain more support for fundraising, business development and R&D, so that Asian big data & A.I.-related companies and startups can better and faster integrate into the global markets. And all these goals can only be achieved by exchanging information, investment experience and industry trends, and by facilitating cooperation between developed companies and startups. Therefore, Vpon Ventures offers all parties such a great occasion.”


“As a pioneer of supporting Asian start-ups, Vpon takes ‘Give back to Society’ as the corporate social responsibility mission. Since established 12 years ago, Vpon understands the difficulties and challenges it faces when founding a start-up.”, claimed Victor. “And the launch of Vpon Ventures is to serve as a role model and to encourage more business leaders in Taiwan to co-create a much more favourable environment for young entrepreneurs and jointly invest in the future of Asia. And we hope this could be taken as a modest spur to promote entrepreneurship, knowledge transfer and bring positive impacts to the communities. I wish this action can stimulate commercial institutions and CVCs to be more willing to invest Asian startups, especially in Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan, so that the younger generations can truly see hopes and future!”