• Vpon Osaka Office Launched as Japan Second Service Hub

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Vpon Osaka Office Launched as Japan Second Service Hub

Apr 12, 2018 – Tokyo, Japan

Vpon Japan Co., Ltd., which provides inbound digital marketing solutions throughout Asia, launches its Osaka Sales Office on April 12, 2018. In response to the growing number of tourists visiting Japan in the Kansai region, we are planning to provide marketing measures which target visiting Japanese tourists. These are expected for local governments and private enterprises to provide faster, more efficient and effective communication to further improve customer satisfaction.

The number of frequent visitors, especially from Asia, has increased, and tourists visiting the region are on the rise. Greater China tourists visiting Japan in the Kansai area continue to increase, specifically with 11.1 million visitors to Japan visited Osaka Prefecture in 2017 according to the Osaka Tourism Bureau survey.

As a result, the inbound promotion of the government and enterprises are diversifying, and the needs for counselling on marketing measures for visitors to Japan from local cities are on the rise. The establishment of new office will further improve customer satisfaction by expanding the sales system covering not only Osaka, but also Kyoto, Shikoku, Chugoku and Kyushu.