• Vpon JAPAN Big Data Inbound Seminar Tour 2019 – Kyoto

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Vpon JAPAN Big Data Inbound Seminar Tour 2019 – Kyoto

Mar 20, 2019 –  Japan, Japan

The first station of Vpon JAPAN’s Big Data Inbound Seminar 2019 was held at Kyoto. Collaborating with Kyoto City Tourism Association, mov Inbound Laboratory and Osaka Tourism Bureau, the seminar presented how traveler’s data can be leveraged for future inbound traveling measures. The event was full house with around 60 participants joining us.

Speakers did not only address the development of Kyoto’s hospitality and tourism, but also introduce a bigger picture on the prospects and strategic planning of tourism opportunity in relation to the upcoming international sports event – 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, supported by Vpon’s advanced data analysis and data solution.

Thanks again for the support from speakers and participants. The tour will go on to a lot more cities in introducing our insights and data-driven inbound travel solutions. Please stay tune with us and don’t miss out the upcoming seminars! We hope to see you soon!