• Vpon Collaborates with Qunar to sharpen its Cross-Border Marketing Solutions

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Vpon Collaborates with Qunar to sharpen its Cross-Border Marketing Solutions

May 26, 2017 – Taipei, Taiwan

As an Asia’s leading big data ad technology company and a cross-border marketing pioneer, Vpon Big Data Group has launched a strategic collaboration with Qunar, one of the largest online travel-booking platforms in Asia. The collaboration allows Vpon to sharpen its cross-border marketing solution one step further by delivering ads via Qunar through precise targeting. The collaboration has also enriched Vpon’s database on tourist mobile behavior and ensured to provide one-of-a-kind service to its clients. This can help advertisers gain a comprehensive understanding over the tourists’ entire journey, including before-, during-, and after-trip, leading to foresee and then seize a huge cross-border tourism business opportunity.

Grasping the opportunity of booming cross-border tourism, Qunar has developed into one of the most popular OTAs (Online Tourist Agents) with a total of 1.57 billion app downloads and 40 million monthly active users. Qunar’s search scope covers over millions of flight routes and 1.17 million hotels across the globe. On the other hand, Vpon has well-developed its business across Asia market and served more than 1,500 international brands. The strategic collaboration between Vpon and Qunar enables advertisers to target at affluent audience via the quality media. Qunar can be in line with numerous international brands to explore the overseas market, leading a win-win situation.