• Vpon Collaborates with Qunar to Sharpen its Cross-Border Marketing Solutions

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Vpon Collaborates with Qunar to Sharpen its Cross-Border Marketing Solutions

May 26, 2017 – Hong Kong, China

Asia’s leading big data ad technology company, Vpon Big Data Group is a cross-border marketing pioneer in Asia, and now through the strategic collaboration with Qunar – one of the largest online travel-booking platform, Vpon has sharpened its cross-border marketing solution one step further by delivering ads via Qunar with implementing precise targeting. More importantly, the data partnership can definitely enrich Vpon’s database about tourist mobile behavior and ensure to provide one-of-a-kind service to its clients. This can help advertisers gain a comprehensive understanding over the tourists’ entire journey, such as before-, during-, and after-trip, leading to foresee and then seize the huge cross-border tourism business opportunity.

Vpon has been focusing on building its Asia’s tourists mobile behavior database via DMP (Data Management Platform) since 2013. Thanks to the continuous data accumulation from advertising campaigns and third-party data partners, the DMP is able to target at tens of millions of audience and empowers Vpon to trace the mobile behavior and footprints of tourists in Asia. It allows Vpon to analyze and reach tourists via mobile ads at the right timing. Vpon has won over with numbers of renowned international brands across industries including airline, financial organization, hotel, casino, tourism bureau, cosmetics, and so on, helping its clients create significant business growth. It is believed that this strategic collaboration with Qunar will further advance Vpon’s cross-border marketing solution.

Grasping the opportunity of booming cross-border tourism, Qunar has developed into one of the most popular OTAs (Online Tourist Agents) with a total of 1.57 billion app downloads and 40 million monthly active users. Qunar’s search scope covers over millions of flight routes and 1.17 million hotels across the globe. On the other hand, Vpon has well-developed its business across the Asia markets and served more than 1,500 international brands. The strategic collaboration between Vpon and Qunar enables advertisers to target at affluent audience via the quality media. Qunar can be in line with numerous international brands to explore the overseas market, creating a win-win situation.

According to the China National Tourism Administration, the number of Chinese outbound tourists in 2016 reached 122 million with a traveling expense up to US$ 109.8 billion (about RMB 760 billion) and is expected to climb to 127 million by the end of 2017. There is no doubt that China, with the strongest economic power, is still a main pillar contributing to cross-border tourism. For instance, Chinese tourists are the largest contributors to Japan’s sightseeing economy. The number of Chinese visitors accounted for over a quarter, and the average per capita consumption reached 228,000 Japanese Yen, topping global tourists.

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Vpon’s CEO – Victor Wu expressed that the collaboration between a large media and data company is absolutely the trend of digital marketing. On one hand, the alliance between Vpon and Qunar facilitates the expansion of the market for both sides. On the other hand, those advertisers who touch on tourism industry can reach the audience with precise targeting on Qunar. The massive amount of data and proprietary data analytical capability allow Vpon to reach the target audience at the right scenario with right marketing message to maximize the benefits by understanding the users’ mobile behavior. Vpon can, for example, help advertisers create interests before tourists start their trip, encourage local spending during the trip, and enhance brand loyalty after the trip. However, the key to success is turning insights into actions. With the data collaboration of both parties, optimization strategy can be implemented much better and eventually boost the performance of the ad campaigns. This is what Vpon’s mission – helping advertisers achieve a new milestone through the power of data.

About Vpon Big Data Group (www.vpon.com)

A leading Big Data Ad Technology company in Asia, Vpon Big Data Group was founded in 2008 and focuses in the area of big data processing and analytics capabilities, and proprietary technology specializing at mobile targeting advertisements. Vpon has served over 1,500 global famous brands and is widely recognized by the industry. Vpon won Bronze for Greater China Specialist Agency of the Year 2016 and Top 3 Forbes China’s Top 100 Privately Held Small Businesses For 2015. Its 360°cross-border marketing solutions have also brought home several awards:

• Tiger Roar Award
• Golden Mouse Award
• ECI Award
• 2017 Future Commerce Awards
• Advertiser Magazine Award
• Outstanding Marketing Awards of China

With extensive media resource reaching over 21 billion daily biddable inventory across Asia Pacific and advanced big data analytic technology, Vpon offers solutions in the areas of cross-border target marketing to drive transactions for O2O and e-Commerce business, as well as increase awareness of brands.

About Qunar (www.qunar.com)
Qunar (NASDAQ: QUNR) is China’s leading mobile and online travel platform. With a commitment to building a travel ecosystem serving the entire travel industry value chain, Qunar is evolving the way people travel in a world increasingly enabled by technology. Qunar addresses the needs of Chinese travelers and travel service providers by efficiently matching industry supply and demand through its proprietary technologies. By providing technology infrastructure for travel service providers on mobile and online platforms, Qunar integrates and offers the most comprehensive selection of travel products and the most convenient means to complete desired transactions for Chinese travelers.