• Vpon CEO Victor Wu Was Invited to Join 2017 TravelDaily Conference: Breaking Through in a New Era

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Vpon CEO Victor Wu Was Invited to Join 2017 TravelDaily Conference: Breaking Through in a New Era

Sep 14, 2017 – Taipei, Taiwan

Victor Wu is sharing the insights about the tourism and big data.

Vpon Big Data group was invited to join 2017 TravelDaily Conference: Breaking Through in a New Era on September 13-14.

Travel industry is increasingly focusing on user experience and efficiency improvement brought about by innovative technologies. Application and development of VR, AI, robotics and others have growing importance in the integration and innovation of global tourism. Therefore, 2017 TravelDaily Conference mainly focus on the impact of technological development on travel industry and its trends. Vpon has been honored to be invited to share the relationship between tourism and big data with the industry and revealed the prototype of our new product – “Trata DMP”, Asia’s largest tourists’ behavior data management platform, at the 2017 TravelDaily Conference in Shanghai to over 1,000 delegates from across Asia Pacific.

Victor Wu, CEO at Vpon Big Data Group, said that “Data is definitely the weapon to drive transactions. With our unique traveler algorithm powered by AI, Trata DMP possesses and analyzes more than 60 million Asian tourists’ behavior data to provide our clients with a comprehensive cross-border marketing solution. This solution traces and predicts the tourists’ behavior to maximize transaction possibilities and has successfully helped out 1,500+ brands across 12 APAC countries, brands including Marriott, Spring Airline, Ctrip, and so on to achieve their business and marketing goals.”

Vpon would like to thank TravelDaily again for inviting us to join the conference. We look forward to sharing more insights and experience about the industry in the future.