• Voluntary Visit to Children’s Home

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Voluntary Visit to Children’s Home

Oct 27, 2017 – Taipei, Taiwan

Professional lecturer sharing their storytelling skills with Vpon staff.

Technology has gained its growing importance and gradually become the spindle of our future development. Vpon does not only focus on developing big data analytics and forecasting technology, but also care about the growth and development of our next generations. To endeavor this vision, Vpon held a voluntary visit again this year to children’s home in September. Moving on from last year’s “A Healthy Diet”, our theme this year is “Learning and Companions”, having our staff to bring love and care to the underprivileged, as well as to make material donations.

Vpon hopes to foster these children’s interest in reading through a storytelling session held by our staff. Thus, prior to the visit, we had specially hired a professional lecturer from the OWL Parenting Association to instruct skills like choosing a good children’s book, learning the correct posture of reading, as well as the tone and body language for storytelling.

Vpon staff learning the correct posture of holding a book. 

During the visit, we made use of their skills learnt to accompany the children to read different stories. We were very energetic and creative to offer them the best experience in storytelling. After that, there was a drawing session to let the children unleash their talent and creativity. The place was full of happiness and laughter.

Our staff and children enjoying their moments.
Our staff visited and donated necessities to the children’s home, allowing the children to grow up happily and healthily. 

Besides a visit, Vpon has made donations to the children’s home. Not only our staff donated voluntarily with basic necessities, but Vpon also cooperated with Green box, a charity organization that gives out healthy fruits for children. This shows our concern over children’s health and support to sustainability of agricultural maintenance.

As an Asia’s leading big data ad tech company, Vpon has never forgotten the significance of humanity. The visit has proven our determination to value people’s interaction despite technological estrangements. We are always a company that treasures humanity, conveys warmth and love.