• 【Tech Upgrade】Vpon Bundled IAB OM SDK in SDK 5.0

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【Tech Upgrade】Vpon Bundled IAB OM SDK in SDK 5.0

 September 1, 2020 – Taipei

Given an uptrend of Ad Fraud, advertisers concern more about the actual delivery and cost-effectiveness of their advertising spending. “Transparency” and “Third-Party Tracking” become the hottest topics among many global brands.  


Vpon, with more than ten years of experience in Ad Tech, constantly follows global market trend and collects user’s feedback. To enhance Ad Quality and Performance, Vpon is determined in optimizing user experience and mobile ad delivery.


In 2019, Vpon was the first group in Asia and the first company in Taiwan that acquired IAB OMSDK certification.

This year, we are pleased to announce the launch of “SDK 5.0” version to integrate IAB OMSDK which supports most of the third-party mobile ad tracking in the market such as Moat, IAS, Nielsen, Google DCM, ComScore, etc. With the new SDK version, advertisers can trace real-time impression, inventory, and viewability with less discrepancy, which benefits both advertisers and publishers in the following ways:

Publishers can now:

  • Track ad impression and viewability in real-time.
  • Verify ad placement to prevent ad display on inappropriate inventory.
  • Ensure inventory quality through integrating with and artificially controlled by Vpon SDK.
  • Constantly optimize ad placement and user experience to fulfill the best practice of mobile ad.

Advertisers can now:

  • Broaden application and creative of ad placement for better monetization.
  • Meet globalized mobile ad standard to ensure the ad quality and user experience.
  • One-stop service to fulfill advertisers’ requirement of third-party tracking by Vpon SDK which integrated with IAB OMSDK.
  • Constantly provide stable technical support and quality service.

In this video animation, Vpon wishes to show you:​

  1. How SDK Supports Mobile Ad Operation 
  2. What are the Key Features of and Updates on our “SDK 5.0” Version and the Role of “Third-Party Tracking” in Mobile Ad Campaign?
  3. How Vpon Enhance Ad Campaign Effectiveness and Delivery Transparency
Watch NOW👉️ https://youtu.be/u22KXxRBmEA