• Empowering through Data | Former NDC Minister Chen Mei-ling joins Vpon as Business Advisor

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Empowering through Data - Former NDC Minister Ms. Chen Mei-ling joins Vpon as Business Advisor

July 27, 2020 – Taipei, Taiwan

Vpon Big Data Group (“Vpon”), the leading Big Data company in Asia, is thrilled to announce today that Ms. Chen Mei-ling, former minister of the National Development Council, has formally accepted the invitation to join as Business Advisor. Her valued expertise will empower Vpon to focus on the development of Taiwan’s Data Economy.

About Ms. Chen Mei-ling

Ms. Chen Mei-ling obtained her PhD in the College of Law at the National ChengChi University. She served as Minister of National Development Council (“NDC”) as well as Convener of National Development Fund, Executive Yuan from 2017 – 2020. After stepping down from her position in May 2020, Ms. Chen continued to play a prominent role in supporting community development and data economy in Taiwan.

Ms. Chen is a renowned Pioneer and Key Driver of Taiwan’s Big Data Economy.  During her term as chairperson of NDC she stated that the outbreak of COVID-19 presented both risks and opportunities for Taiwan, depending on how well industries can adapt through Digital Transformation and Data Economy. She championed widening access to the Smart Government Backbone Network allowing the population legal access to useful government data. While nurturing the startup environment and accelerating digital transformation of SMEs, her tremendous contribution to Taiwan’s leadership in data economy development is universally recognized.


Promoting Taiwan as the Global Data Hub

Vpon, founded in 2008, has strived to develop and provided effective and highly customizable data-centric marketing solutions for the past 12 years. The company hosted numerous data seminars and participated in numerous development projects with the aim to strengthen Taiwan’s strategic position in the global competitive Data Economy. Vpon’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Victor Wu, had pointed out in the NDC “Data Application Forum” that Taiwan, with its robust hardware and cutting-edge analytical technology, is best positioned to become the global data development hub of the future.

At the presentation ceremony today, Ms. Chen again emphasized that “data” is the most critical asset in the era of digitalization, which aligns well with Vpon’s core corporate strategy and expertise in Big Data application and development. With Ms. Chen joining Vpon’s team, we believe local research and development in Data Business and the Data Economy receives a boost in confidence, further cementing Taiwan as the global leader of data development for the impending future.

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