• Vpon’s Strategic Partnership with East Marketing & Communications Inc. (Jeki)

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Vpon’s Strategic Partnership with East Marketing & Communications Inc. (Jeki)

On Providing Post Pandemic Asia Travel Solution Services

June 9, 2020 – Japan

East Marketing & Communications Inc. (“Jeki”) and Vpon Big Data Group (“Vpon”) has recently started a strategic partnership on providing “inbound trend analysis” services on foreign travellers to Japan, with the aim of supporting inbound measures upon tourist destinations and companies in each region.

Jeki is a company affiliated to Japan Railways Group specializing in advertising, sales promotions and public relations services on various media, as well as providing market research and consultation services for clients. Vpon is an Asian leading big data company which covers extensive traveller data across Asia to provide data support for inbound travel to Japan. The company currently has seven branches across APAC including Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai, Singapore and Bangkok.

Both companies believe that in order to capture the economic opportunity after the Covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary to conduct a consistent series of digital marketing strategies. The partnership brings about precise data analysis on foreign travellers in Japan to attract customers and thorough evaluation on the effectiveness of such marketing approach.

Vpon also provides integrated data solutions, including data analysis to understand during-trip behaviours of foreign travellers in Japan to advice on marketing measures and effectiveness for brands.

▲ Example of Visualized Data Analytics Report