• Vpon’s CEO Speaks in GIS Taiwan Leader’s Dialogue

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Vpon’s CEO Speaks in GIS Taiwan Leader’s Dialogue

July 11th, 2019 –  Taipei

Our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Victor Wu has honorably participated in the Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan (“GIS Taiwan”) which was held in National Taiwan University today. As being one of the inspiring speakers at the symposium, Victor shared his entrepreneurial journey about the necessary skills he learned from school in applying into the real world while he also discussed with youngsters on how they can prepare well with the desire to build, create and learn in facing their upcoming challenges in the future.


Victor believed that it’s necessary to share his valuable time and inspiring experience with youngsters which are critical in training future leaders. He also began this journey with the hope of starting something he could leave behind for the next generation to continue, which echoes with Vpon’s give-and-take culture.


Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan invites top-notch speakers from political, business and academic sectors with lively exchanges among speakers to discuss and engage with youngsters to explore the development potential in various industries.