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    Understand your customer through our proprietary
    data management platform to fulfill your needs
We believe that combining our data expertise and resources help clients identify opportunities and stand out from the fierce competition. Much of our efforts focus on areas where we push the frontiers of data-driven innovation and strive to remain a leading big data company in Asia.

Our 3 major innovations

Launched the first LBS
mobile ad network

To provide users with mobile ads highly relevant to their location 


To integrate marketing and customer data

Trata DMP, the largest
Asian tourists DMP

Possesses 60 million tourists behaviour data, covering their footprints at a glance

Vpon leverage data and technology to define best-in-class solutions for clients, brands, and publishers to minimize the complexity that can analyze data and reach mobile audience effectively.

Vpon DMP

Our proprietary data management platform not only collect and analyze first-party data, but massive data from both second and third-party sources are also collected subsequently to turn customer insights into actions. Our DMP is integrated with a wide range of premium media resources such as DSPs, ad exchanges and networks to reach your ‘mobile-first” audience at scale.

Vpon DSP

Based on the accumulated data and prediction models generated from our DMP, Vpon DSP is able to achieve precision marketing models, such as retargeting, look-alike targeting, and more.

The platform also supports multiple dimensions of group targeting. Over 1000 tags cover diversity and industry differences, such as the cross-border travellers and consumers across industries.

Vpon Ad Network

We offer a range of solutions for both advertisers and publishers where they can access to extensive inventory with more than 10,000 apps. Within our network, they get access to 900 million unique devices across Asia. Beyond standard banner ads, we also provide innovative mobile ad formats featuring HTML 5 and LBS technology.