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    Capture your “Mobile-First” Audiences at Scale

Data Solution

Big Data has been widely used across businesses and industries, are you still facing challenges that keep you away from the trend?
You may have heard of myths about Big Data, have you understood thoroughly what it can actually do?

Vpon Big Data Solution

Digs into data analytics insights for the basis of business decision-making

● Vpon’s Audience Segments      ● Lookalike Segments     ​​● Individual Labelling​

Vpon possesses extensive mobile data across Asia, with the most comprehensive location-based and transaction data in the industry. Reaching 900 million unique devices with detailed multi-dimensional data segments, data scientists, analysts, marketers and researchers can enrich their database with valuable customer behavior and profile insights, to gain a full picture of their clients and brands.  

● Customized Audience Segments      ● Customized DMP

Vpon builds centralized, structured and integrated clients’ information, providing a 360-degree SCV. By grouping isolated data and transforming organic information from multiple sources into actionable data, Vpon unveils customer behavior and audience profile with unprecedented depth of understanding, which benefits accuracy of clients’ strategies and competitiveness. 

● Customized Analytical Report      ● Data Analytics Consultation Services

Vpon is not only earned GCP data scientist recognition, but also published global academic papers on AI at CIKM2019 and awarded national champion in data application at MOTC Freeway Bureau competition. Vpon leverages its cross-industry knowhow in the past 10 years to customize consumption campaign for clients, and gradually discover blind spots and potential business opportunities. 

● Audience Insight Report       ● Dynamic Visualized Dashboard

The greatest value of BI is to provide clients with exclusive system that supports business decision-making. Vpon builds a “decision support system” to effectively organize corporate data through dynamic visualized dashboards, which provides more visualized and accurate analytic reports to gets data trends and insights at a glance, as well as assists clients to develop more cost-effective strategies. 

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