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Business Next Media Coverage | Post-Pandemic Business Opportunities: Are You Ready to Leverage Data-Driven Transformation on Boosting Profitable Transactions?

While Covid-19 disrupts global economy, it also accelerates corporate’s digital transformation in the market. Apart from utilizing internal resource, how should government support companies on speeding up digital transformation in this era?

Meet | Vpon Secures USD 40 Million in Series C Funding Leading into the New Era of Big Data Redefining Data Development in Asian Market

Vpon Big Data Group, a leading big data company in Asia, announced today that it has secured USD 40 Million in Series C fund. Investors include government-supported investment institutions Cool Japan Fund (“CJF”) and STIC Investments (“STIC”), Tokyo Stock Exchange listed group, Beenos Inc. (“Beenos”, TSE: 3328), and Hong Kong travel-tech investor TripLabs Limited (“TripLabs”).

Business Next Media Coverage | Vpon Leverages 3+1 Data Analytic Strategy to Assist Companies in Developing Omni-business after the COVID-19 Pandemic

Vpon is determined in assisting brands and clients in acquiring 3 (mobile, consumption, and profile) data +1 (travel retail) data to enhance their data usage capability and to accelerate their digital transformation. With Vpon’s support in analyzing consumer behaviors and delivering precise ad targeting, Adidas HK has significantly improved its customer engagement rate by 150%.

United Daily News Media Coverage | Taiwan has a Strategic Position in Global Data Competition

Vpon’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer Victor Wu pointed out that Taiwan has a strategic position in global data competition. While multinational corporates starting to prepare for the new data era, Taiwan has the best chance in becoming a global data hub and accelerator of the world’s future development.

Global View Monthly | The Craze of Big Data: A “True” Big Data Company in Taiwan?

Victor Wu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vpon, has recently been invited by Global View Monthly to share his 12-year experience in the digital industry. He witnessed big data development in Taiwan from the beginning and how its development has scratched to cross-nations.

Business Weekly Media Coverage | The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) boost the traffic app to grow 1300%

Behaviors of mobile users reflect the epitome of modern people’s lifestyle. Vpon, by analyzing DMP mobile data, unveils the change of mobile usage during the coronavirus pandemic. We also observe the change of user behavior under big incidents through app popularity and location-based data.

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak Resulted in Mobile Economic Boom! Identify New Business Opportunities with Big Data.

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, it has posed significant changes in the mobile economic growth. Our recent data insights report reveals that the App users in the “daily shopping category”, “entertainment category”, and “news category” have the highest percentage growth while we have seen notable decline in the “travel category” after the outbreak. A surprising results have seen that the download rate of “video conferencing App” has a triple digit growth as more people work from home to avoid cluster infection occurred in workplace.