• Former NDC Minister Ms. Chen Mei-ling joins Vpon as Business Advisor

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Former NDC Minister Ms. Chen Mei-ling joins Vpon as Business Advisor

 July 27, 2020 – Taipei

As big data has gradually penetrated into different industries and been affecting businesses globally, Vpon, as a leading big data company in Asia, wish to further promote Taiwan’s data economy and its position in global data development.  


Ms. Chen Mei-ling has rich experience in community and data development. She did not only obtain her PhD in the College of Law at the National ChengChi University, but also served as the Minister of National Development Council (“NDC”) as well as Convener of National Development Fund, Executive Yuan. During her term, she pointed out that “Digital Transformation” and “Data Economy” are the keys to turn crisis into opportunities for Taiwan.  


After stepping down from her position, Chen will join Vpon as Business Advisor and continued to play a prominent role in supporting Taiwan’s community development and data economy. She emphasized when attending Vpon’s presentation ceremony yesterday that “data” is the most critical asset in the era of digitalization. Aligning with Vpon’s vision and core corporate strategy in Big Data application and development, we believe Chen’s participation will bring about confidence and new synergy to Data Business and Data Economy which further cementing Taiwan as the global leader of data development for the impending future.  


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