• 【Anti-Fraud Declaration】

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【Anti-Fraud Declaration】

July 30, 2020 –  Taipei

This declaration is to clarify Vpon has never engaged in any investment or solicitation activities. Please refer to the following statement for details:  


Recently, our company’s brand, Vpon Big Data Group (“Vpon”), has been abused by unscrupulous dealer on promoting fraudulent financial data research project, which turns out to be a gambling deception. We hereby declare that Vpon, in its daily data business and research projects, has neither engaged in solicitation to gamble and raise funds through social community or communication software, nor cooperated with gambling platforms on marketing or unduly influencing others to gamble. Moreover, Vpon has not been associated with any person or affiliated party to engage in any above-mentioned illegal and improper public or private activities.  


Vpon is determined to prohibit all forms of fraud and deception. If users have any doubt on third party carrying out the above-mentioned activities associated with our company’s brand, you are advised to record evidence and report the case to your respective local law enforcement agencies as soon as possible.  


Vpon Big Data Group