Monthly Archives: October 2019

Vpon HR X Yourator 2019 Fall Job Fair

Vpon Taiwan had the opportunity to participate in the 2019 Fall Job Fair organized by Yourator, one of the most reputable well-known job recruitment platforms for Startups in Taiwan. The job fair provided a more transparent opportunity for talents to learn more about their career path and available networking opportunities with other companies together with Institute of Information Industry and Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau.

Capital Magazine HK x Vpon Big Data Group: Using Data and Analytics to Fuel Business Growth in APAC

Following the recognition as the winner of the 2019 Big Data Solution Award in Capital Magazine’s Best of the Best Choice Award this year, Vpon’s Chief Operating Officer, Arthur Chan, has been featured in the latest edition of Capital Magazine to share the huge increasing interest from clients on the demand for big data which is now on the rise in APAC. In recent years, APAC has seen exponential growth in data and analytical complexity which Vpon has garnered significant experience in leveraging its advanced data analytical techniques and professional data strategy consultation to offer diversified and comprehensive data solution for a number of prestigious clients across the region. He also shared his insights on how today’s businesses can harness new data and technology to capitalise on the unprecedented opportunities in the inbound tourism.

Vpon Data Team Won Championship in the 5th Taiwan Freeway ETC Creative Application in Traffic Management Competition

Vpon Data team was crowned the champion in the “5th Freeway ETC Creative Application in Traffic Management Competition” organized by Taiwan National Freeway Bureau. With the main topic about “iFSAS_Intelligent Freeway Safety Alert System”, our data team combined relevant primary sources of data provided by the Taiwanese government together with new means of our proprietary data and third-party information collected, the final masterpiece casted new light of data through data modelling, analysis and practical application to reveal distinctive insights into highway traffic safety not seen through traditional data analysis.

Vpon Japan 5th Anniversary Inbound Data Summit X News TV

We are excited to share this news coverage from News TV of Japan during our latest Inbound Data Summit held at The Strings Omotesando to discuss feasible and dynamic data solutions in addressing the challenges brought by inbound tourism, as well as to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Vpon Japan’s establishment.